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Interface Foundry

Hi it’s been a while

I’m delighted to announce my new startup Interface Foundry!

It’s an collaboration with fellow DT student, JR Baldwin and a natural extension of Vortex. Our mobile app Locket allows you to browse and build data bubbles in specific places and times, and you can switch your identity while entering them i.e. a data bubble for East Coast Mall, you can enter with an “employee” identity, “first time shopper” identity, “repeat visitor identity” etc etc it also has various security levels to ensure that all communication is done in a safe and transparent manner that empowers users and companies.

Thanks, and I hope you’ll check it out 😀


ghost town

So there’s been a good 6 months between the last post and this, so here’s a recap:

Rejoice – Here is the video documentation:

Website:  http://www.milkred.net/vortex

DT website: http://mfadt.parsons.edu/2013/projects/vortex/

Here’s the panel livestream (‘hacking art & design’ with Cap Watkins from Etsy)

And then here are some pictures:
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2. Wrote a blogpost for Mathbabe about my thesis!


how cool is that huh??????????

3. So what’s next??
– I’m writing a book with McKenzie Wark called ‘W.A.N.T’ which we are releasing on kickstarter only! Will not be published or sold anywhere else except during that 30-day run

– working on getting a job/spiffing up resume/ applying for grants. It’s harder being an international student you have a whole pile of additional paperwork to clear **sigh** Am also thinking of applying for a PhD…. but maybe in the future

– doing normal stuff: cleaning up the cesspool of apartment (after thesis, it looked like an archeological dig site); learning how to ride a bike, possibly going to get my driving licence, catching up on reading, meeting people etc etc.

…. Mostly though, I’m trying to keep busy. I know I bitched a lot during thesis, the stress was eating me alive and I remember on the day of the opening I panicked because the code will NOT work and it was 4pm and the show opened at 6pm. I remember getting on the M train with my hair still wet and laptop balanced with a hand frantically coding from Brooklyn to Union Sq. and freaking the fuck out. Then after the opening came graduation, then dealing with family and then, nothing.

That’s the thing – you work so hard, so long and then suddenly: NOTHING! You have absolutely nothing to do, and you’re going bonkers because of it. PTSD = Post Thesis Stress Disorder, you wander around listlessly making up stuff to do, going back to the library and lab like a ghost trying to recapture some semblance of normalcy. Summer is hard for me because I depend on routines to keep me grounded, and with no one around + nothing to work for I can’t help but feel a lost and a bit unstable.

Anyway I’m trying — next week I’m going to do what I did in winter: pretend I still had classes, and work on a piece of code everyday. I don’t think I will look at thesis code for a while, but I’ve bought a book on Python and planning to look at Angular.js framework. Slowly start a work cycle again. Having nothing to do really drives me crazy >_>;;;

Indiecades East 2013!

Took a break from thesis-ing and went to Indiecades. It was great!! (and most of all, we won against NYU in the Iron Game Challenge xD;;;;;)


game pass!! for being part of the Iron Game team, I got a speaker pass ^o^~


Museum of Moving Image – foyer wall projection (made of thousands of gifs)


Spelltower – It’s an OK game, kinda interesting mechanic but not complusive? I played about 2 rounds but that’s it


Bloop – super simple idea (tapping colours) but OMG SO FUN. ADDICTIVE. Played 8 rounds, twice with random strangers (whom I dragged to play with me)


Child of Eden – very pretty rhythm game; a cross between Everyday Shooter & Lumins(sp?) the PSP game with the blocks and music….



Vintage 3-D game, fucking cool!


Star Wars X-force


GALAXY FORCE!!! omg is amazing




Racing Squrriels – quite fun!!! I liked it a lot, the aesthetics super pretty and kinda reminded me of crash bandicoot

original Galaga!!!!


This one was another super pretty game – the queue was pretty long, so I didn’t get a chance to play but it looked cool :0