interview(?) with Ken Wark & Jonathan Baldwin — actually I’m in it too, but only a bit. I think it’s more like a filmed discussion, which is pretty weird. I did it as a joke because I was given an assignment to document an interview and then decided hey! I would document – but I would do it as a time lapse without sound (lol)

but it ended up pretty cool – like without sound, you REALLY have to pay attention to how people’s body language plays as part of the discussion. It’s like vibration frequency or  particles in matter vibrating in response or neurons connecting or something and it’s really rather fascinating since you literally watch the conversation – all the ebbs and flows and pauses and awkwardness then slumps down to a more relaxed posture and the stillness and even the people who are listening aren’t still and it’s like seeing “oh yeah! people are thinking!”

I have other things but I have to finish other work first 😡


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