blind game again

So tired, I fell asleep during my last class today. Anyway most importantly – Prototype: Exhibition in Cloud just opened!!!

omg you have *no* idea how happy I am that it’s over. All that work+++ over the last 6 months finally finally culminated in the exhibition opening. There was so many things in this show that nearly screwed us over: problems with two seperate themes coming together as a event (different professors gave seperate themes to their students); then Makerbot backing out as a sponsor, then Hurricane Sandy which set back our production schedule by a week etc etc etc and that one moment where we decided whether or not to have the show at all in wake of the storm…………..

So our piece, titled Marchenmaker (tale-maker; story-maker? marchen is like folk story?). Description:

Märchenmaker is an exploration in how myths, folklore and history are entwined to form cultural narratives. Using a collection of archetypes gathered from our personal experiences in Berlin/Kassel as well as monuments of history and fable characters, we have created a set of miniature stamps where the public can create their own memorial maps across a giant papered wall.These stamps are made to resemble antique toys, as a nod to Germany’s manufacturing past. However, they also exist in the digital cloud and can be mass produced anywhere in the world as a downloadable font and 3D printable sculpture.

So after this show ends on 21st, will take it down and it will travel to Berlin in January (yay!) The opening was pretty great too and T. came!! (yay) also had a very interesting *hintage* so with luck there will be some hope of what to do next after thesis…..


Then today for Writing&Research we had to put up our thesis object + writeup; mine being the ball of twine + story-ish posted earlier. I figured twine would be a nicely apporiate gesture – not only did it make path, intersecting created knots and it left traces…. plus mythologically it fit neatly into the narrative.

ALSO AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Philip K Dick? Borges? YES YES YES. I have good feelings about this. Good like omg!there-will-be-thesis-ideas in there kind of good.

Talking about thesis I’m still seriously considering changing a chunk of it and maybe moving towards a more mesh-network friendly or mobile device friendly system. Pathways still exists (as in the idea of being able to ‘hop’ from intersection to intersection) but maybe applied differently. It’s still stewing in my mind……. at least, it should be more accessible and doesn’t require so much setup (or at least a variation of it that is mobile friendly)

All the Borges’ reading has been really useful though (thanks C.!) Most importantly, I promised to do a writeup or some kind of scenario for C. — it’s kinda weird, he professes not to know anything about technology and he really is *not* my target audience (both of us know that) and admittedly it’s a challenge to get him to understand it — but at the same time he gives me really good references. Like the “plz go read Borges.” and “look at architectonics” and it’s almost like — because he doesn’t get it easily, it makes me want to try more and make him ‘get’ it. (kinda like in the beginning when I was testing all my projects with a ‘what would mom think?’ meter)


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