guys can i tell you how *delighted* i am at how fast sean cubitt replied my email???? i mean i seriously didn’t expect that he would remember me after all these years (interestingly enough, he and anthony white were the ones who wrote my references when i applied to parsons in the beginning)

actually here’s a bit of a funny story – when i was a student he was the head of media/commuications and he was the one who always gave the permissions to take classes at SCA, so i could do a rare double major (in those days, theory was theory; art was art and never crossed each other…. especially in a public university) anyway during my final year, i had a lot of questions(!!!) and unresolved angst about continuing media theory vs art practice (i was still set on being in pure fine arts) and i was finishing my thesis — so i decided to send him an email, with a header: ‘hi sean!’ (i still write my emails like that, which earned me the nickname of ‘ukrainian spambot’ amongst peers)

and like that, we became penpals! can you imagine??? it was the first time i realised that wow, my ideas have value and people actually take them seriously. i always thought as an undergrad, whatever i thought was probably too unsophisticated to compete and compare with these higher ups….. but he took me seriously! that was cool. through our emails, it was the first time i really thought/learned about illocutionary speech and hypertext as an example of it; how to critique ‘immaterialism’ (which he really loathed the term) and other cool things. actually i think during my final semester, i learned more from our email exchanges than any other classes

…… and finally after the semester finished, i was one week away from flying again and i knew i wouldn’t bother with graduation ceremony so i called him on the school number. when he asked: ‘why do you want to see me?’ i said: ‘because even though i know how you look like (from pictures) and talk like ( from emails)  i want to know who the head of my school is, since i’m paying so (international) school fees.’ and i think it was a wednesday. it was late spring, so it was crappy humid weather and i was wearing a blue dress. and it was a bit awkward at first because all penpals are awkward when meeting for the first time, but then we started talking about history and hayden white (and he was surprised i knew about hayden white lol) and it was odd but cool and somehow i can still remember his office and the fact that to the left he had a huge row of vertigo comic books.

a year passes, or at least most of a year. i leave academia for banking and other crazy stuff and then suddenly i get accepted into schools for graduate programs. i remember being superdistressed, because too many opinions and none that was really objective – so i saw him on skype, by chance again and ask him: ‘where should i go?’ and he’s like ‘congrats! helsinki is out of this world, mit is has great resources esp. if you want to do technology , nyu is very vocational and applicative, and parsons is good for art’. and somehow, those 2 words; when he stated is so blankly and simply, i just made a choice.

and just like today 4am i just sent an email ‘hi sean!’ as heading (again) and omg i can’t believe he remembers me! and is still so awesome! sean why are you always so awesome??? anyway i’m excited at his references, and most of all talking to him again. maybe we’ll be penpals! *______*



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