this is a shoutout to the most awesome peoples ever


anyway remember earlier I was talking about how to actually make the shit? like create a browser experience that didn’t require all that login crap and yet have a smooth immersive environment? And I was like thinking of using ruby + python & maya + python?

Anyway lucky me, while walking out of writing&research today I ran into Lucas and Ceci whom I haven’t seen for a long long time. Lucas was my senior like *waaaaay* back – he taught me/us code during bootcamp, and later we worked on several projects together and when I moved apartments he helped etc etc anyway key thing is – he’s probably the senior that I know best; coolest person ever && a computer scientist to boot. And during dinner we were talking/catching up on crap, he was like: “why are you using python, you should be looking at webgl”

I was like “huh?” cos I’ve used opengl libraries for processing before while coding l-systems, but I didn’t know about webgl. Apparently it’s kinda similar – it’s a javascript based API that wraps about opengl and the most amazing thing is that they have a fucking library Inka3D that allows autodesk maya export(!) *scream*


seriously this makes my life 1000x easier. I know it can export maya scenes. I know it links with javascript arrays (the documentation is pretty good, in addition comes with a tutorial). I know you can build databases with javascript file system; so basically my solution to building this shit and making it actually work is javascript. And lucky me, I’m actually doing javascript/jquery this semester – I’m gonna start small with websites and flunky graphics, and buy a fucking book off amazon to read at my own pace (plus I think webgl goes a bit further than what the class does)

okay i’m out, freaking need sleep. (and finish my web homework!!)


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