Oh man this weekend has just been so busy, I haven’t really got back with up-to-date stuff. Anyway!!

Sunrise at Brooklyn over Williamsburg bridge… it was for J’s birthday party (he turned 30th! wow that is so incomprehensible to me OTL;;;) and I stayed to clean up and since he lived in Jersey it took about 1hr~? to get home, by that time it was sunrise. How lovely is it??

Then on Wednesday I met up with Cem who is interning at Family Business gallery to bring empanadas and talk crap (take a piss in the wind? shoot off?) and it was kinda nice – we don’t have any classes together, but I’ve always really respected and admired his work (some of his pieces, I’m like: “ah I wish I thought of it first!!”)  and for the mobile truck exhibition I invited to show alongside the rest of us 😀 then afterwards we wandered around a bit and looked at pretty things lol We walked right into a private reception unknowingly – the wood-charcoal work (at first I thought it was Hirschhorn) it’s by Leonardo Drew and currently on show at Pace Prints – it looks amazing!! Really the sense of ‘materiality’

The other work I really liked was Thomas Beale’s Honey Space:

I’m kinda sad that HoneySpace is having their last exhibition in Chelsea… I think they are moving to Brooklyn? but ah, it isn’t unusual is it – artists go where rent is cheap, make the place pretty then “creative executives” move in and make the place hip…. thus is the cycle of gentrification orz;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Then Saturday I had dinner with J.B. & F. (everyone else copped out… such a depressing thing OTL;;;) and then we were randomtalk again, and yet again my mind goes back to Journey:

I love that game. If anything, the interaction is exactly what I want to achieve in my own thesis – it’s like yes, *THIS* is it. This is the feeling I must capture (!) it’s very difficult to put to words exactly what the feeling is (or maybe I’m just not articulate enough) but I’ve been sketching furiously trying to find my own landscape……. and I think once I know what kind of landscape I’m working with, I know how it’ll look like and then I can work on building it.

So what my thesis really? My thesis is less J.B with Carl Sagan than Journey with a good dash of William Gibson and Kenji Miyazawa (the poet, not animator). It’s really the matter of trying to find the environment now — should it be a seascape? or floating islands in an infinite sky? or a night train stationing? or really sci-fi looking with glowing energy rays?? what environment best conveys the sense of lonely+nomadic? (I wish I thought of the desert first, ah if only!)  if only there was a way, I could combine all the thoughts in my head to one coherent landscape; the landscape of my dreams….

All the time, in my head, are bits of landscapes with no connection with each other. Like the crumbling duck restaurant that sits at the edge of the world, with crumbling marble and a marble swimming pool with hundreds of hotel rooms above the smelly chinese duck restaurant with the best duck in the entire non-world where dreamers can meet each other; a place of eternal sunset. I remember sitting at the edge of the crumbling marble wall, where the wash of salty sea met the swimming pool edge, the dirty lions at each side and behind; the sound of waitresses and dreamers and the click of heels on plush dirty peach carpet and that how cold it felt, with the rocks digging against my butt and it felt like I could live there forever…..

Or maybe it’s that city, the city that rests in the middle of the sea made up of mosaic tiles on the roof; why roof? because no one ever walked in the sunken watery city, everyone flew over it so all the advertisements were on the roof – dazzling, beautiful changing colours and they had these special ships made up of glass and rubber; bottles dangling against the edge as it caught salt water and evaporated it – salt boats, for collecting it. People dressed in loose, layered robes that repelled water spray with open weave to let the air in since it was so humid; I remember the boat best, the rocking of it; how my feet didn’t slip because of the matted rubber flooring (so clever! I thought) even though it was so rocky.

More dreams. How do I convey a sense of it, without building it all from scratch? Without creating overwhelming levels of detail, but just enough to suggest? So that other people can add on to it?

Otherwise I’ve been obsessively(?) watching Kenji Miyazawa shows — to be exact, Spring and Chaos (1996) and Night on Galactic Railroad (1985, 1927). I remember watching an AMV of it when I was a kid (that’s like… 15 years ago) and it just never left me. I almost didn’t want to watch the full version just in case it destroyed the existing feeling , but the full version is very very good too.

And somehow, with very very simple images it conveys a sense of ‘awesome’+’smallness’ + ‘infinity’. In the back of my mind I also realise that I cannot be too crazy with the scope and create a whole Unity engine to code all that shit up — if I can just make it beautiful, just enough to suggest — like how Miyazawa poems are and not focus too much on detail detail detail…. how to do that? watching these helps me think. Also in the back of my mind, I remember Maya/3Dsmax uses Python, and so does Ruby for web development…. so you know, perhaps somewhere inbetween is a solution. (I am seriously against coding in unity c#, it won’t work well with a search engine system and I would drive myself crazy. there’s a good reason why game developers use teams, not single persons…)

we might not have as much crystal sugar as we want
we can, however, eat the delicate translucent breeze
and drink in pink sunlight of the golden morning


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