crimson alizarin

sleepy sleepy sleepy… why does thesis take up so much energy? the cold weather makes me feel like hibernating more too

So today is triple-thesis meetings starting with clive at 11.45am. Actually he/I/we kinda got the date wrong, he said ‘thursday’ and I didn’t check which thursday…. which turned out to be next week thursday (my only sadness was that I could’ve slept in longer ;_; shikata nai…) Anyway I got a chance to walk him to his next lecture in any case, and it was pretty good — he brought up the relevance thing, and gave me a reference to this HK phd-er who tried to create a visualisation of the internet — I think, WeiboScope?

Then at 1pm I had a meeting with Colleen, who gave me a link to Metaverse, which is kinda interesting but I can’t find a link to play??? still requires download/application to play. I kinda like the idea of 3d model internet, but the whole avatar/second life feel idk feels not right/dated? I kinda want to get away from the SIMS type worldbuilding scenerio as much as possible. Also I feel the key to this is going *away* from overcommuication or easy communication so people are obstructed in how they can communicate (so they have to find ways around it)

She did give me some advice which is to make prototypes!! but not of like the game, just the exploratory interaction. Like not-complicated ones, just drawing ones if I don’t feel like doing giant 3D models (they take forever to do anyway, which is kinda interesting maybe it’ll be like a flipbook kind of prototype??) I promised to make one by next week, hopefully I can draw fast enough…. (maybe make it like comic panel-style clickies)

One of the things she brought up was the idea of challenges, and how I could incorporate goals in the game. Even in a game like Journey, there’s still a very carefully orchestrated scenerio being built (you don’t have that luxury online since ‘nets is ever expanding etc etc) and there’s tension and narrative even if structurally it was “loose”. And I was like… maybe the challenge can be similar to how wikipedia creates ‘stubs’ as markers to areas that need expansion – so maybe users of pathways can ‘flag’ areas (like minesweeper!) about new or unexplored areas (this is based on the reach of pathways, so maybe you gain points from exploring paths and bonuses from flagging previously undiscovered areas) Anyway, right now I’m thinking minesweeper!!! To be exact, the win7 version:

Last meeting with Ken Wark and it was really really helpful!!! He was like, “this is a really cool idea, but how are you going to frame it?” because I explained that the problem was it wasn’t really anything yet – it’s not a search engine but it searches, and it’s not really a game either even though it has game elements. So he suggested that just approach it as a form of art practice where art is “unveiling the process” behind the system, and being able to “step back and highlight the process”  – of how things are being surfed or browsed with; thinking about the practice of using the internet and the aesthetic of going from link to link. To materialise the aesthetics of going from link to link, an artifact that is both closed and public based on repeated use.

(I’m basically quoting everything)

…. and personally, I think it really fits better with my intentions. Also the way he framed it, made me think a lot clearer about what the project is — I also showed him the digital handmade sites and the new religions/sparkling unicorns and also the accelerated sound and he was perfectly OK that there was no name or whatever for it yet. What he really liked about the project is that there is not textual communication, just encounters? companionship(? if that’s the right word?) and I showed him Journey and he was like oh wow maybe I should buy a PS3 (and then I was like well DT has a games club and shaan has a PS3 you can come over and play)

That reminds me, I really want to explore the ecounter-moment after I figure out the general exploration interaction. The success of this I think/feel, is really on that… profound? wordless feeling of bursting??? moment of encounter.

But really, being able to frame it as an art practice kinda lifts certain requirements of it to be ‘useful’ or purely functional so I can concentrate on the experiential commonality feel that Molyneaux talked about. What was it about Gibson? Cyberspace is a collective hallucination, or maybe it’s just…… how many times, can you give yourself over to the dream?

Also just noticing the curation-is-trending aspect, guess I was right on the money. Check out this new channel/website curation that’s Tumblr-for-videos: Telly I feel more and more secure that this project definitely should exist… to be able to connect these disparate channels to form a linked space; so that islands have bridges now.

Also also when I was in the bathroom I noticed the tile hexagon pattern and I was like thinking maybe that’s the solution I need for places because how to create domains and zoomable towers; what if each pixel/tower unit was a pathway. so somewhere like google will be a fucking hugeass tower with many many tiny pixels; each pixel is a pathway; and probably a real word-search function should be added so that you can actual dig urls and that would keep object size relatively consistent even if there was a lot of pathways and stuff blah blah

So anyway this week:
1. finish javascript homework!!!
2. draw landscape (maybe a cross between frozen sea; towers?? floating islands?)
3. where is my limited express train????
4. methodology thing


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