kore wa DESTINY~?

Monday started off really badly cos I had an emergency and ended up skipping printmaking D: D: D: even though I recommend skipping classes to people, I never skip classes I like (it sounds really commonsense, but you won’t believe how many compulsory classes they make you take) Actually my rule is – if I can learn more/benefit more from not being in the class, I will definitely skip it.

Anyway as I was running off for OSDA meeting guess who I ran into on the train?? Ken Wark! and I was really like “ah!!! kore wa destiny?!” moment and even though it was only a 1-stop duration I was like omg can I meet you sometime this week for thesis??? and he said yes and I was pretty happy. I know he doesn’t really do much game studies per se anymore, but he was a huge inspiration when I was an undergrad and I still value his opinion highly (especially since I draw a lot of influences from him)

For writing&research we had Bob Bellerue come in and talk to us, and a drawing exercise where we’re supposed to talk and write about thesis. idk… I think maybe it’s a side-effect of being mostly a lifeform online, but I find it really hard to talk about anything seriously physically and I find it easier to structure arguements/clarity when typing … I guess it’s like a variation of the lawyer-speak of ‘to-writ’. Anyway I had fun drawing, and I drew my limited express train to utopia!! and how DT is really an aquarium!! and I also drew John Drew (hahahaha drew Drew! /badpun) as a crab with his arms crossed lolololol it’s very therapeutic, regardless.

Afterwards I went with a bunch of people for The Rise of Peer Progressive talk with Steven Johnson, Beth Noveck, Tina Rosenberg and Clay Shirky. (actually out of the lot I only recognised Shirky, but anyway…) Here’s my notes from the talk:

peer progressive as a new political philosophy

1st speaker (steven)
emergence->decentralised systems; wrote in 99
self-organising systems for war? for peace?
emergent democracy?
network architecture

1.     social architecture; coherent enough to talk as a single entity i.e. institutionà bureaucracy?
2.  collaborative network; peer production i.e. govt did the jumpstart but the organisation is done through peer; collective way (examples have been made that collective/commons works. role model to decentralised peer production)
3.     kickstarter = crowdsourced  arts funding (serious?) —> totally stupid c/f funded vs delivered stats
4.     participatory budget by brazil –> doesn’t require technology for peer networks to function –> engaged cos what they want is built; make real effect 311 system
5.     peer production has no political affiliation – non partisan; believe in open not left or right
adjacent possible → create stubs (flagging ground) (minesweeper?) → opensource??? overused

2nd speaker (tina roosevelt)
big fan of steven Johnson; peer network contribute to the development of social norms vs ideas

1. credibility >>>> information – who you trust
2. teen smoking in 97 was astronomically high; no one knows what works
in 2000 malcom gave up
in florida ad agency won lawsuit against cigarette smoking; sat down to analyse
christian porter: ‘same rebellious satisfaction without using symbol of cigarette’
teen smoking summit → ‘we’re smarter than you, fuck off’ + pranking
by 2007 dropped by half
american legacy took the campaign, made it national ; cut by half
teens thought they (the ads) came from other teens (a type of peer pressure)
3. facebook revolution is a failure. revolutions did not know what to do once on the street; (offline vs online knowledge) —-> kinda like the whole making/thinking/concepting/doing debate happening around DT
4. people don’t need information, they need motivation → make a party that everyone wanted to go out. prankings; using danger to make a ‘hook’. facebook = efficient way to commuicate, made it known it was a large force. why people went to tahir sq? cos it was the place to go, the peer pressure… have their friends with them i.e. military unit cohesion

(3rd speaker)
open govt/open business

city without jews; mobilising movements against leftwing marxist and right facisit
non partisan; NEVER MENTIONS GOVT IN BOOK — begin a convo about P2P more effective
how is this progressive is translated?
careful between hierarchy → need hierarchy to organise decentralised network? (fluid hierarchy) distributed response to crisis;  structure and organisingkickstarter is not a replacement – ian bogost idea that kickstarter is a spectator reality tv game
kickstarter is a lot like facebook → gets you money and crowd approval, but not fabrication c/f kickstarter data successfully funded vs successfully delivered; kickstarter gets talked about too fucking much as a solution to end all be all; is not a replacement are they fucking kidding me.
BACKED UP BY LAW (derp) some things have no law for; c/f the 16 year old twitter chick from illonois

clay shirky (3rd speaker)

tools vs people; communication tool-agency (in every other area)
increases the radius of the possible (what happens)
internet makes you see what other people think (but only selectively? bubbling dude!!!)
scientific journal –> peer review → creating social norms; took a tool (printing press) and applied social norms that allowed for it to be harnessed for
coordinated syndicated tools for communication; peer networks on phone; helped do organisation
github → massive distributed and develop it and fork it; collab. shared text doc /// interestingly this was talked about during the gamelab symposium with 22cans developer too —-> compare to that NYU guy, accessibility is not everything???
utopia as import export business
positive externalities ie a world without scammers is a world without trust therefore having some fraud is a positive externality (sounds like dad’s idea of effective corruption)
need stories about mass collaborations, master narratives – they don’t make for good stories; need myths to animate and inspire us — simplify the stories to create myths (wwz)


I’m sorry, too tired to organise it properly. Some of the notes are what they speaker said, most of them (especially the swear-y ones) are my reactions to what they said. Anyway during the Q/A I was like: ‘what the hell, nothing to lose’ so I went up and uhhhhhhhhhhh kinda told them exactly what I thought. (At first it was ‘I have a question’… then it became ‘actually I don’t have a question, I disagree with you.’ OOPS 😡 😡 😡 sometimes I just say stuff )

And then afterwards some people went to look for me (apparently they thought I made good questions..) and I got some cool new contacts!!! One of them is Paul Garrin who is like zomg awesome cant believe—- he actually makes internet architecture and knows about data centers and everything!! and there was a bunch of other people too; like the mathematician dude from NYC council and the media advising lady was really nice (‘we’re going to be BFFs! she said, and asked me for coffee)  I pitched my thesis idea to her and him (the media advisor and Paul Garrin since they came together) and they really liked it — she’s another one of the ‘grew up on the ‘nets’ type and totally understood what I met by categorical randomness the moment I said : ‘WEBRINGS!” cos she remembered them too *___* hearts in my eyes sfm. they were really nice people *____* I like them a lot!!!

Overall I think it was pretty interesting. I didn’t really agree much with the talk, I felt that it was both too political (pretension of academia covering what is a democratic/leftwing speak partisanship) and also too outdated (as in, the internet is not your personal political army – bipartisanship or P2P or not. what you describe as ‘progressive’ can also protect organisations/net-boards full of CP. you forget the chaotic, non-national, post-geographical element which is the ‘nets.)

but whatever… I got good contacts!! *AND* I got to eat dumplings and noodles for dinner at canal street yay!


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