[random] – I’ve realised why people love vocaloid synthesizer, it’s because they don’t need to breathe! so they can “sing” lyrics that are unsingable by human standards (it would need to be slowed down, or something) and in effect, you create this amazing new music – it’s like accelerated sounds that are comprehendable (all syallables pronounced in a way that human singers would be unable to) —- ah, it’s such a basic thing, but I understand it now!!! is this, the music for futures?

Also, here is my gif-maker prototype for class:

And here are some of the results, courtesy of my modelsome-classmates:

I realised I could get different effects playing around with where to take the photo from (which side) and also by flipping the detachable end a bit (I made it detachable so it’s easier to pack…. the side effect was stackability lol) It’s quite fun!!!! Also here are some new sketches since I didn’t like the winter rooms one —

I really like the second one… might make it into a temp logo hmmm… in any case, I need a new header for this website (tired of the colourscheme and cupcakes) Still thinking of my limited express train hahahha..


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