riding on a limited express train {take me to utopia}

My MT tape finally arrived!!! so I could finish my drawings~ drawing for me, is a kind of thinking. Even though words are interesting, I still prefer drawing to writing…. I think the next few drawings, I want to do something that can capture the feel of a {limited express train} and try to narrow down the feeling I want for thesis, and also in my other project work. My biggest problem with the Pathways model is that it has no feeling to me; whether it has use or no use, or person or no one – that isn’t important as long as it captures the feeling of a {limited express train} + {rooftop yura} + [][][]…….ah, to hear the sounds of playing laughter again…

Also I should finish the peony one too…. for some reason, the second one (winter rooms) is not as compelling as it was as a pencil sketch – something about it, is lacking. (maybe I need to make another composition, I was planning to use it as a test plate for printmaking but it doesn’t make me happy >_>;;;;;) I will upload the school-prototype tomorrow


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