side by side in orbit

ah, have you noticed? It’s been the full moon the past nights. I love summer moons – they remind me of sunshine and picnics by the pool; my siblings and I would put sandwhiches (canned tomato beans on white bread) inside our sandbuckets and wrap them in kitchen paper and bring them to the playground/pool – it’ll be like that; the soft sand inbetween our toes which we’ll pick out with grubby fingers, the brilliant blueness of merciless sky, we’ll run around in tshirts and underwear, dig ditches so deep they ran 10,000 leagues underground right into molten earth; castles ravaged by moats and stomping feet and most of all, the smell of hot sunshine – the rainforest, hot tar and burning light; like cinnamon and toasted bread and charcoal and wet leaves….. and somewhere, crickets would still chirp.

I like to think, our memories edit to us – a gift; of the happiness parts of the past.

Notes from previous thesis meeting and some documentation for periodic table:

terrible documentation right? but that’s the truth. I don’t really do much editing, all the editing is done in my head. The project might have taken longer than 3hrs, but I can safely assure you it didn’t take 3 months (plus inbetween I did tons of procastinating aka. level 5 candy crush saga to level 68)

Anyway more importantly Scott (thesis supervisor) gave me some excellant advice about mapping out areas of domain (not just my crappy domain mapping that look like naked chicks and dicks) So here’s a new one:

System is the new one – something I think I unconsciously do all the time, but never really notice? I think partily because everyone in my family is so incredibly organised and compartmentalising that I never think any different (at least, until someone pointed out to be that I border on ocd levels of perfectionism. It sounds like a compliment but it is really not not a lot of my friends get pretty pissed off and angry with me because I will relentlessly pursue it and you can get into shitastic arguments that way.)

System basically is a set of differences which you organise ideas with. It can be anything from the psychological schema to assigning art elements to a periodic table. Most of all, systems are all about arrangements – who comes first? why does it come first? what are the differences between each – are they marginal or greatly differentiated? what are the patterns? All systems have logic in them, it just depends on what kind of logic is inherent in it. A lot of people tend to confuse logic with reason – it is entirely possible for logic to exist without reason for instance algebra is *all* logic without reason i.e. why is the unknown arbitrarily named x? why can’t it be something else? but the patterning determines x to be the logical unknown regardless of reason.

The kind of logic that interests me most is ludic – to be against the system and yet be it at the same time, isn’t it a busy-beautiful thing? (忙しい??) and this kind of logic I think is inherent in game systems (which makes them really fun. the secret to fun games is ludicity) For instance my conceit is that Parsons Design & Technology is actually an aquarium in disguise!  My professor is a purpoise, and the director is a penguin. Every one of the students is krill, and the dean of the school are whales. Does it make reason (for the system to exist)? Not really. Does it make logic? Yes, definitely because I am comparing the structure and characteristics of an ecosystem to the school hierarchy. (so Dave is an emperor penguin because it is the papa penguin that takes care of the young and hatches them like all the thesis students!! but after they become old enough they get shoved off a cliff) So it’s a kind of internal logic, one tells you to step off what you know and take a ‘nonsense’ rule as real

I think that’s why the idea of ‘game’ is important. Most games have that kind of internal logic – for instance blackjack is won by person closest to 21. Why is it 21? why do we have to accept the 21? but see, if you didn’t accept the rule of “closest to 21” then you cannot play the game.  A kind of ludic logic. So all games have ludic logic, but not all ludic-ness is a game. Toys can be ludic. Things with no win/lose can be ludic. Living life, can be an exercise in ludicity and ludicrousness.

Totally OT, but this is so brilliant:

double holograms! virtual idols! can’t beat that level of ummm… design & technology? but seriously that entire gif just shows how far we’ve gone in the past couple of decades. A hologram of a passed rapper, brought back to life. A virtual idol (created by software! spread by crowdsauce!)  brought into life. And some genius edited them together, how brilliant is that? totally totemo awesomsaucer. zuperkul. I wish my thesis could even be half as kul as this *__*;;;

will talk more (about the resistance exhibition as a prototype) tomorrow


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