[mini-project] elements

One of the requests was to do iterations of the mini-project (project inception? meta-project? projects with multiple personality disorders?) Anyway I didn’t want to just do the periodic table again with new shit – that would be boring and painful as fuck.  So I decided o hey why not make it into a card game??

I based it off Magic The Gathering – the green orbs denote the amount of “seed” you need to play the card (which corresponds to the electron # in the table), the red orbs denote the damage/defensive value (which corresponds to the atomic weight) You can create combos based on elemental creation and different elements may or may not have special abilities. Stylistically I just drew the images on a notebook (standard pen&ink), scanned it in and added some texture. Nothing fancy really

Other possibilities:
– a poem, or hymn (a la potter’s hand)
– a box full of chocolates; or maybe tuna cans stacked in a supermarket
– DEWY system
– folders on folders on folders on folders
– idek ask my mom

okay going to sleep now….. why do I have so many morning classes this semester?? are professors masohistic??? serious questions, I know!!


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