babycastles @ MAD

This weekend I went for the Babycastles game event at Museum of Art & Design (MAD) It’s a 3 day event featuring many guests including Keita Takahashi (creator of Katamari Darmacy!!!!) as well as some familiar people like Ramiro (Hokra, also classmate at Parsons) and Nick Fortungo (professor at parsons) anyway I was mostly there for….

R-L:  Brendan (?), Frank Lantz (nyu/zygna), KEITA TAKAHASHI(!!!!), Aiko (translator)

Can we do it again? K♥E♥I♥T♥A T♥A♥K♥A♥H♥A♥S♥H♥I♥

And omg he even signed my notebook for me!!!

T____________T ALL MY TEARS OF JOY LOVE & HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway the panel was really good, although the interview bit was *cue awkward laughter* I like the fact that he didn’t have a game design background (he studied sculpture) and the only user tester he had was himself (and possibly his wife).  That made me feel a bit better since the entire event was full of game designers, and I felt like the only one who didn’t make games (well, not in the sense that everyone is thinking about anyway) Some of his responses were really funny; favourite cousin? “the naked one.” what’s his favourite hobby? “no hobby.”

adorable Katamari models ❤ ❤ ❤ and they even have the little cow!!!

Besides that they had several games to play in the arcade: Mario Brothers game tracked with a ball (kinda like Teeter); Duck Hunt but shot at a distance (in the party zone, so you had the added obstruction of people walking across) and my favourite – immersive Pac-Man!! The entire map went all around the ceiling and everything. Something I never thought of, but because it was such 3-D space, the corners of the room made it difficult to navigate/control.

They decorated the space really well too, with a jungle theme. The bananas were real! You could pick them “off” the trees (and duct tape) LOL There was also a giant playpen full of beach balls and a tunnel made of aluminum foil with different lights reflecting inside.

Afterwards I went for the panel talk called Designing Games for Public Spaces: Ramiro Corbetta (Hokra), Matthew Parker (Eyebeam, Recurse), and JR Blackwell (Shelter in Place), moderated by Greg Trefry (Come Out & Play) <— copypasta’ed from website. It was really interesting, especially about how to make games accessible but not too accessible – accessibility as a barrier to creating games with depth, flexibility of spaces etc etc A lot of public games have similar guidelines of performance art I think, since spectator sports are also about rituals and audience play along with the ‘role’ play.

Anyway it was a great event, and it was wonderful to meet and catch up with everyone!!! 😀 I hope Babycastles hosts another game jam soon, I really enjoyed the previous one too


One thought on “babycastles @ MAD

  1. L-R: Brandon Boyer (IGF/Venus Patrol), Frank Lantz (NYU Game Center/Zynga), Keita Takahashi, Kaho Abe (Hit Me/Ninja Shadow Warrior)

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