[mini-project] striped 50s dress

I’m actually really happy although I think I might change the skirt lining a bit (I was being too cautious, and the lining ended up being less swishy than I would’ve liked.)  From the sketches, I changed the bodice to a simple square shirtwaist with the lines vertical (no puff details, no cuffs, no bodice insets) with a narrow horizontal line at waist/highwaist, then a full 6-box pleat skirt with a horizontal hem. There’s a matching waist-tie (also horizontal) and a side pocket. Instead of having at-knee, I made it a tad overknee (+5cm) and it really really looks vintage like that<33333 definitely one of the nicer pieces I’ve designed (also, with that silk – one of the hardest and most slippery to sew!)

I also can’t believe I’m going to be back in NY in a week – it’s both wonderful & difficult to imagine. Brooklyn is home to me just as much as Singapore is, just as much as my lovely apartment in Melbourne will always be – when I’m in Brooklyn I dream of char kway teow and chicken rice and tropical rainstorms from Singapore, when in Singapore I dream of coffee from Animal Orchestra and going to Vic Market on Sundays and my cat in Melbourne; when in Melbourne I was dreaming of HK and the wonderful energy and dim sum every day and going shopping at Causeway Bay and ice skating at Kowloon Mall. Even in London I was dreaming of Berlin, and Berlin of London – what can I say? I’m on a plane, my soul is scattered like impressions from Monet – all richly vibrant colours of impossibly beautiful shades, and even as I dance upon each colour like a pianist playing tenderly, this music I can never forget…… each leaving behind a faint sorrow for the place I once was.


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