You know what is the most horrifying thing in the world? (besides, the usual) It’s refreshing your facebook feed and seeing one of your ex-schoolmates saying: “hey let’s do a class reunion” and you’re like “oh my god, NO.” and thinking of one million zillion ways of declining (including a half-ass idea of cancelling your flight home, if only so you have a valid excuse).

Because I’m the most avoidant person ever ever, here’s my domain map:

because art, like life; is full of dicks.

….. if you think this domain map is bad, you should see the one I did in first year

Material – anything related to mediums/materials, including chemical nature of materiality or physical properties, or cultural implications of using a material i.e gold as a denoter of status/luxury; material can be intangible such as electricity; material is defined as the presentation of a material i.e. NaCl is a solid form of sodium (compared to sodium nitrate) or it can also mean exhibition; or linseed oil (as a vehicle or presentation to paint)

Myth – anything related to mythology, story or a socio-cultural motif (Barthes). I understand history as a form of narration or emplotment (Hayden White) where history and myth are inseparable aspects in proving the creation of cultural history. “Myth” covers all aspects of folklore, fairytales, oral history and common knowledge i.e. the story of snow white is a myth, so is the stereotype or character of a “princess” as a socio-cultural motif

Personal – dealing with the many wonderful and countless adventures of my very short but eventful(?) life. I think, looking back at all the work I’ve done – the best work is almost the most honest work, where I was unafraid to acknowledge an aspect of myself or relationship with someone. When I thought about it, I’m not interested in social issues or having a social user base or whatever…… a kind of nakedness, of soul? that makes people interested or compelled to watch, because it’s a very human thing; to not understand, to want answers too, to be afraid – and in exposing that, creates art.

……….yea, saving the world through design is not really my thing. I think my first real breakthrough was in Happy Birthday, the performance piece made with a blood cake, and people singing happy birthday to me, and eating/sharing the blood cake with the other celebrants. It was about finally acknowledging that I wanted to be an artist (after fighting it for 20-odd years, trying to please the expectations of my parents but most of all – accepting the instability and life and responsibility of being an artist. That I would never have that iron rice bowl, or a secure job, or make the people closest to me happy) And doing that exhibition really helped me get over some of the issues I had about art, being an artist and the label of “artist”. And what really interested me was how many people were affected by the performance-retold or the exhibition, and how it spread (even to the people who never saw the performance) – really amazed me. And then, I just want to keep doing that.

Other things: Resistance idea seems to be going over well (we’ll see when school starts, how many people start dropping out because of work commitments) and more importantly, Franca and I are closer to hammering out the details of the final for the Exhibition in Cloud (talk more about that later)


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