sing sang sung

hello~ it feels nice to be back, however weird it seems (how do you ever come “back” to a piece of webspace anyway?) It’s weird, but virtual spaces always feel more like ‘home’ to me than any physical location lol

Anyway summer projects!!! Actually I have a whole pile of film to develop and scan – lovely ISO 100 ektrachrome colour film from Berlin/Kassel/London/Brussels/Amsterdam and even better, I have sketches. I’m not an illustrator but sketching for me is a kind of ‘thinking’, the day I give up the pencil is the day I give up and stop living. I also went book-mad and bought a whole pile of books – spent slightly over 100euros at hackershermart bookstore to my sister’s horror (it was on sale!!! to my defense lol)

in a totally different summer project:


I’m planning to sew another dress, a shirt-waist one this time, very 50s/New Look inspired meets Brit prep – tailored bodice, double? pockets, silver emblem buttons and a full box pleat skirt. Originally I was going to get this set of regimental stripes, but then I went to Mood and it was such a mess (they sent me to the silk blends, then printed silk, then twill and then someone said: ‘oh it’s in the warehouse’ wtf! Its not like I didn’t have a product number) Anyway in the end I found some really lovely summer-weight silk which I’m matching with navy cotton shirting (for lining, and to give it a bit of weight so the skirt will swing). The shirting actually costs more than silk, but eh I think about it like this: I’m not mass producing anything, and lining is worn next to the skin so it’s worth paying a bit more, and combed cotton = 10000xxxxx better than the shitty polyester un-breathable stuff.

The staff esp. the dude named Hassan was really nice though – he thought I was 19! and he really liked my sketches too (he seemed really surprised that I wasn’t in fashion lol no thanks) so I promised once I’m done sewing I’ll come back and show him 😀 plus he gave some really good advice on cutting since I’m doing contrasting directions.

More sketching, this time it’s an idea for the Resistance exhibition which I’m hoping against hope to pull off at the end of the year (I’m seriously thinking of dropping one of my classes, because I don’t think I could cope…… but the only class I want to drop is collab, which I can’t since I need to fufill the requirements :/ ) The idea behind Resistance is to 1. a subtle protest against the costs of renting a venue in NYC to exhibit 2. proof that a ‘White Cube’ is not the only way of doing exhibitions

The execution is exploring the use of vehicles such as lorries (or trucks, if you’re American) and other forms of transport i.e. chariots pulled by bicycles, wagons, parade floats to exhibit artwork ranging from projections (perhaps, a pull-up theatre?); games (games that can be accessed via social mobile phones, and played against the side of a truck?); performance art (transparent containers on flatbed trucks); photography (billboards? spaces usually used by adverts but now re-appropriated for art?) to “deliver” art. So instead of journeying or going to an art gallery, art gets delivered to you instead (like postal service!!!)

It’s also a nice tie-in to the Resistance idea, like de certeau’s concept of tactics/strategy where the governments/insituitions are Strategic in their survelliance of people, and people use/apply tactics to overcome these bureacractic practices. One example of tactics would be not paying a train fare while on the subway, or jaywalking. It’s a subtle fleeting “of-moment” form of protest.

Anyway my idea of what I want to show is a shadow puppet theatre – like totally oldschool, in wayang kulit style…. except using handdrawn papercuts and using AfterEffects to make the transitition from “non-tech” to “tech” in a totally magical way. So it’ll have fake curtains and everything and then after the show is over the container will be lit from *inside* and people can go into the container and see the hand-made “scenes” inside lantern boxes. How cool would that be? It’ll be like IMAX in a box!

Stylistically, I’m testing out sketches that are a mix of Javanese and Arabesque influenced designs, will probably end up sketching a dozen before settling on one. I’m thinking of doing a lesser known story like Seven Swan Brothers or a SouthEast Asian one – there aren’t many SEA people here (actually in DT, there’s only one aka. me) so stories like Sang ila Utama, or Princess of Mount Ophir or ghost stories like Pontianak are unheard of here. I remember trying to teach Juan some Singapore dialect in Kassel, and he was like: “that doesn’t sound like Mandarin!!” and I was like: “duh, I’m Singaporean.”

I think it’ll be helpful for me in thesis too – cos it’s back to what I love; fairytales/stories mixed with different types of mediums and materials. I really want to explore the exhibition as a medium, not as a format for representation but presentation (very deleuzian, I know) It would be a good way (good vehicle? hahaha) of testing ideas for thesis I think


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