Sekhmet part1

The first time I did Sekhmet, it was a disaster. We had 2 critics for presentation and I was a total wreck – murphy’s law day. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I fried 2 arduinos after trying to jack them with A/C power, the chlorophyll distallation testing took way too long – only figured out that grain alcohol was causing the murkyness on Friday, the lights were causing a bitchfit and crossing itself, I ran out of battery clips, the room setup was terrible and the jello was a pain to transport —- on top of my general nervousness about showing a newscast instead of a presentation, having never rehearsed or done it before and being late. If I could I would delete the memory of that day forever.

Actually they were pretty nice about it, regardless. One of the key feedback they gave (Rushkoff then tldr’ed by Dave) was: “All you needed was a gorgeous video of the agar and chlorophyll reaction filmed under perfect conditions with absolute craft and you might have nailed it.”

And I was like: goddamn why didn’t I think of that? Why do I always have to overthink things and make life harder for myself? I was pretty angry at myself which lead to…..


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