major studio newscast

I decided to do a newscast instead of a standard powerpoint presentation because I wanted to capture the sense of having multiple narratives at once. Playing archetypes (devout christian, art critic etc) allowed me to show the range of responses on Lazarus installation and how other people interpreted the meaning of experience. Also at that time, I was re-reading WWZ and a bit inspired by the idea of a oral history or collective, to make a presentation that was extremely subjective

The newscast comprised of 3 different parts: 1. newscast opening where I described what it was and a short clip showing how it looked like 2. a panel of ‘critics’ made from the responses I received during the fair 3. interview with ‘myself’ where I recorded a set of responses I made to respond to some questions. I think it was easier pretending to be interviewed, than explaining directly (maybe?)

It was actually more difficult to do than I expected. First I was very very nervous, it took me several tries to get it right. In the end I wrote a guide-line script, and put my laptop below the tripod so I could refer to it if I forgot anything. I really admire people who can do performance art all the time, I find it extremely painful and difficult.

The second problem was finding equipment… I only came up with the idea on Wednesday, and my presentation was Tuesday following week so I had to film the video before the weekend so I could cut and edit in time. At the same time was everyone’s finals, and AMT equipment was totally booked out. Madness! I had my own tripod (which was good) but no camera. In the end I managed to get an overnight timeslot from 6pm to 10am for a day…. but that meant no mistakes and only 1 take. I set it up in my living room and did as much as I could, then went to find a classroom the following morning for the interview/newscast parts (also a problem since the building was being used and all classrooms were booked out) in the end I managed to get into the small meeting room by chance….

Apparently the sensors in D12 work using motion sensor. If you take a thickish piece of cardboard and swipe it across the top of the door while pulling the handle, it will trigger the door to open even if you DON’T have a cardkey. Then the rest of it was just cutting and editing the footage and creating logo/title assets.

I think if I could do it again, I’ll make it clearer and book it earlier + everything. I also wish the idea came to me earlier!!!!! :/ it’s a pity that lighting only strikes at the last moment


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