Lazarus (2012)

So for all my planning and prototyping, the result was totally unexpected and because of that – the entire feeling changed (sadness)….. I was pretty upset, and being super-perfectionistic control freak it was kinda inconsolable for a bit. BUT then, I kinda realised halfway that it’s OK because it’s not worse – it’s just different but just as good(?) as what I intended.

Presenting…… Lazarus!

90 gallons of jelly, 144 packets of powder, 60x10mg of quinine pills, 9 x 4w chandelier lightbulbs, 30 superbright UV leds and countless countless hours of stress and standing infront of the stove stirring that stuff up. Nothing in the photos captures the sound of Pendericki’s chorus rising from beneath the clouds of jelly, the sensation of ethereal light and wet slime, the surface tension and fragility (like holding cold flesh, someone said) the slumberous dark coldly enveloping.

I think ….. I think I finally made peace with this project. I still want to do the violet-orange version, but at the same time I have a really clear idea of what this tripartite is now. A triangle: Lazarus, Sekhmet and [?]. A series – God Eaters. She is sleeping was never meant to be because it never existed within the group. That’s OK. shikata nai. life goes on. Thing is, what is the [?] ??? I wish I knew.

Lazarus…. Lazarus was good (well, depending who you are). If you are Ryan R. or Ted B. or Nick F. then you love it and know it without too much explanation from me – which is good, because every time I try to explain it just gets worse. If you are Zhang G. or the reporter dude then you’re in the middle of the scale – you’re obviously affected by something, but you reason it out by explaining to yourself that it represents *this* or represents *that* and is symbolically of *this*. If you are Anzeka.S, then unfortunately this totally passes you by, because it has no critical question or problem to solve.

Something I realised while observing people, the best reactions were from game players – possibly because games are a weird combination of calibrated experience and free play, so in a way, it kinda trains you to open yourself to pure affective experiences? does that make sense? I adore games too, and I can see it a bit; little like. Like for me: cinema, theatre and game experience is really similar in affectiveness…..

Anyway, the best part is I now have a real abstract – ta da!

God Eaters is a series/trinity of works that examine ideas of divinity, ritual and myth by exploring uncanny materials that iterate various immanence experiences towards the sublime. Myth is seen as a function for creating familiarity through narrative, only to be broken by ephemeral materiality. In this state of confusion, reason gives way to affect where the experience overwhelms and devours to create sublime.

Lazarus is an installation comprising of 90 gallons of quinine agar arranged in a cuboid pyramid (tetrahedron) of 3 x 30 gallons blocks each embedded with chandelier lights and UV leds and flavored with artificial pandan and powdered vanilla in a dark room. The wiring is exposed through the translucent layers and broken pieces of agar and the lights flicker, as though pulsing with life. As the lights heat up, the jelly melts and you can clearly hear the sound of it dripping over the choral music. Forks are arranged in a regular square formation encircling the installation, and the audience is invited to participate by consuming or touching the piece. Over time as more people consume and break parts of it, the installation disintegrates until it becomes nothing but the sound of water dripping over the music.

Sekhmet […………….] is the chloropyll piece I will be presenting for major studio finals.

and the rest, to be continued????

Steve S. (from rhino class tutor) gave me the most AWESOME reference ever. I love! 😀


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