all i really want is you

😀 😀 😀
am in a ridiculously happy mood today

My new and awesome UV leds from LedsSuperBright which are freakin amazing. They are mindblowingly rave-party bright – running on 100mA current and a whopping 620 lumens EACH. That’s even brighter than some standard lightbulbs

simple trial – tonic water LASERR!!! check out the beauty of that beam! This quinine test – I knew that the UV was working properly since the quinine was reacting and glowing very brightly through the frosted glass. So I decided to do a chlorophyll test

And so I tested a small sample of the chlorophyll I bought from the health food store – it was supposed to turn red, but didn’t!! NOT AT ALL. NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST HINT OF RED and it couldn’t be a congealing issue since I was using liquid chlorophyll. Even with preservatives (boron, vitamin B1 or B12) it would’ve glowed because most additives have luminescence properties. Anyway once it didn’t fluorescence as it was supposed to do it, I quickly did a chroma test (iodine + yeast solution) and bam! that stuff is not pure chlorophyll. Fuck knows what’s in it, but it’s not chlorophyll

So that gave me a major headache because I was supposed to do the chlorophyll agar for this Sunday during the Spring Fair – so what else could I do? I did a project swap. I swapped the final project with the spring fair project and suddenly when I did that it was like magic – all the things made sense. I never realised it, but actually the final project should have been the chlorophyll one – because that one grew out of the lightbulbs in water idea except I didn’t realise it because I was going nuts with the studio and spring fair events.

Added incandecense colouring using a yellow torchlight – and bingo!


Agar version of the quinine + incandescent light – OMG IT LOOKS FABULOUS! The violet is a lot stronger than I expected (in my head, I imagined a softer look) but feel is perfect. GLORIOUS AWESOME FANTASTIC FABULOUS FIERCE UBERCOOL SEXY GODLEVEL PRO-BOSS BALLER WOOHOO INSERT SUPERLATIVE HERE

Now to just finish up blocks of it…


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