woodtype 1

So…. last updated, we mixed 2 different new batched of expoxy and resin with the new dried woodchips. Epoxy produced a clearer less bubble’d block compared to the resin based one, however both are equally beautiful – check it out!



we managed to get a very thin slice of the resin based mix and when held against a daylight bulb you can clearly see the translucency, bubbles and wood texture. we couldn’t get a similar slice for the epoxy based piece because the wood block was too thin to slice

Now for the new prototype with the fiber optics:

Instead of having so much “white” space between each wood chip as we did in earlier prototypes, we are going to fill it with fiber-optics and pack it tightly on each layer to give the feeling of translucency. The woodchips are more evenly cut this time as well, to preserve uniformity so that it will be roughly equal in thickness to the fiber optic threads

waiting for it to dry…. tune in, next week!


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