Parsons Design&Technology Spring Fair

And this is why I’ve been so busy lately:

I’ve been organising the first ever(!) Parsons D+T Spring Fair coming on April 15th, and it’s been a test of patience, administrative bureaucracy and emails. Overall I think it will be a rewarding experience, but right now I’m in a special kind of hell where nothing is working, nothing seems to be working and I am – dear God(!); late for all my assignments and everything.

Still – I believe this is worth it. Part of why I’m so keen on doing this Spring Fair is not so much about creating connections or even showing, but rather to go against the major discourse that the only kind of art worthwhile in design/technology is to put as much physical computing and coding software into it as possible and suddenly it will be the magical phallic monument in the sky that everyone will fall on their knees in awe. I believe that art, design and technology should be MORE than that – that digital technology is not the only technology “worth” doing, and that what we should be doing is not embracing the religion of glorifying tech but rather seriously critiquing the consequences and what it means to have technology currently in society. We can be *more* than the technology given to us, we should be more than that.


Anyway I decided to screenprint my own invites! Half the reason why I chose screenprinting is because nowadays people consider it to be a “handmade” practice, but originally it was intended as a form of mechanical reproduction a la Warhol. The practice of screenprint was one of the first removals of the “artistic hand” idea, and I wanted to bring that kind of feeling even in my invites – as a kind of opening play to what kind of show it will be.

so handmade marbled paper (using sumingashi ink) I purposely chose very light, pastel colours to convey the feeling of spring.

screen + daizo sensitive ink

screenprinted invites! 😀 I later tri-folded it so that the DT logo will be in the front, and the isotetrahedron will open itself up to the viewer.

And then I made a facebook event page
and wrote a copy release for it;

Copy Release
The Parsons Design and Technology Spring Fair is an open event for students, faculty and the public to converge, collaborate and create new ideas and discussions around the fields of art, design, media and technology. Positioned as a work in progress, the show features a variety of work ranging from hacked kinect games to performance art as well as traditional illustrations and prototyped products.

Instead of doing a traditional exhibition, the show is guerrilla-style – the date, time and venue is set up for people to come together and show their work and converge to form a flash mob of art, design and technology. We are also trying to move away from the white cube gallery, no maps or curation or plaques are provided, the audience is expected to take responsibility for their viewing by exploring the space and participate by talking to the artists as well as fellow visitors to the show.

We hope this energy between the audience, visitors and artists will foster an atmosphere where art and technology can connect and collaborate, causing new ideas and practices to emerge.


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