if you ever need a reason to join Parsons…

…..our sunrises are beautiful here. Just look at that light! such brilliant illumination!

many bytes of cake

also in the future, one day we will be able to BiTorrent cake, and “bake” it out using a 3-d printer.

However thankfully there are a million cake shops near Parsons, if you ever need a quick fix. (it’s a very good incentive to join Parsons for it, I promise your tastebuds will appreciate it)

apparently the recruiting campaign is ON! right now, or rather admissions season. Honestly I don’t see why they should bother with all the statistics, because bright and beautifully shiny pieces of cake and lighting are far more attractive than a bunch of numbers, no?

Also I’ll be in Montreal during spring break, so no updates during that time (probably)…. see y’all the week after!


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