Super delayed on making these, I have more notes than posts.  I still have the deleuze + literature set that’s halfway done……. urgh sometimes I wish we had less class hours and more time to do our own work – but that’s a fairly common complaint in parsons.

Chris brought up a very interesting point last week, while we were having drinks (Alex’s brilliant idea – also why is it that only in a philosophy class does tequila make more sense not less? I remember saying something essay-worthy on immanence and practice, but I’ve totally forgotten it now D:) Anyway he works/has been working in film production for the last decade or so, and he brought up that terms like ‘Production’ or ‘Post-Production’ were basically categorisations invented for capitalism i.e. ‘production managers’ were paid more than ‘post-production editors’ even though the entire schedule of the video should be considered part of the production process (an unedited video is still not produced). The second thing we talked about was about city layouts, and how space is viewed in ‘western’ countries vs ‘eastern’ countries (using the term loosely here) where streetview in western cultures is more linear compared to eastern cities….  but that’s a totally different thing, so yea


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