1 year older!!! (maybe not so much wiser)

Happy birthday to me! 😀

I’m so so so grateful for all the well-wishes, the cards & letters and wonderful food(!) care packages by all my friends (both online & offline – you know who you are!) and family. Thank you THANK YOU for being such awesome people especially to those who have been with me all the way ❤ There is just so much to be thankful for that I don’t know how to start – thanks for all the hand-holding and hugs and soups and making me eat/sleep properly for my own good; for all the tea and Eurovision shot games and ranting about the dreaded F word; Foucault. Thanks for the 4am skype calls, the offers of books, the emails full of crab emoticons and most of all thank you for loving me even though I make a mess out of things most of the time, (sometimes) unintentionally!

<—— is feeling heartfelt and sappy ;_;


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