Did it yesterday after the Image Panel; Lucas called me up and said ‘hey you wanna finish the work in the lab’ and I don’t know why – sheer masochism I guess, said yes. (note at that point I was running on sheer coffee and adrenaline and 3hrs of sleep.)

Anyway check out my new wood!!

ECOPOXY!!! the instructions were so unclear, and the labelling was pretty bad but that stuff was really cool. After 10mins it started exothermic-ing, like it grew really hot when you touched the aluminum case. There was a bit of bubbling, but not many. In general it just seemed rather surface-y instead of minute bubbles all over the place. Also it did have fumes, but not as bad as when we did the melanin mix from hell ™

Redid the Smooth-Cast with dried wood, and just like the dude said over email – no foaming! So it really seemed like moisture was the one that caused the chemical reaction the last time. As you can see, the hickory chips seemed to have worked out pretty well too, so hopefully we get a cooler looking cross section. Despite the non-foaming chemical reaction, we got a lot more minute bubbles including the inside instead of just surface. Of course bubbles can be solved by vaccum, but it’s just curious to see what differences between both. Unlike the resin, no exothermic reaction; it got a bit warm but not like hot hot

comparison pic

Probably going to cut it on Saturday if everything goes well, yeaaaaa~ 😀 exciting!


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