there she sleeps

Open Uni’s underwater lamp
DIY underwater bulb (halogen)
DIY underwater bulb (LED tubes) (they look like florescents!!)

actually I was thinking, if I keep it outside of people’s hands i.e. no one does a full body dive into the tank – I could simply seal up standard lightbulbs, and use the distilled water + telsa coil trick (as in, submerge the bulbs before switching it on, therefore heat is generated over time with water as the coolent, so no glass explosions). I’m really *really* tempted to do a full length telsa coil under water though, make it very tightly spiraled and no casing at all (just pure water) but I’m not sure what the fire marshal will say to that!

I’m not very keen on using superbrights LEDs, because they are kinda small which defeats the purpose of visual terror (idk, in my head I have traditional glassblown edison lightbulbs) I might consider using them as a ‘base’ lighting because it needs to be purple highlights (like the aquarium UV types) to mix with the incandescent yellow hmmmm also I need to match it with the overall thing too. Also I need to buy some bleach, and maybe machine oil; there’s a particular smell I want to re-create except I’m not sure if it’s actually creatable.

also we have some kind of prototype due next week, and since you can’t really prototype art (hahahahaha… just no) I have a pretty good idea of what I can prototype, which, what can I say, involves quite a lot of salt hahahaa….


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