I call this my ‘decorative day’ because I seem to manage a whole pile of utterly decorative books, not very interesting content wise. I don’t know, after the awesomeness of green7s, blue seems rather a dull letdown.

1. Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno (turned out to be more interesting than it looked, but less fetishy than expected.)
2. Salvage Secrets (I thought it was about salvaging shipwrecks, turned out to be home decor)
3. Architecture and Truth in Fin de Sicele Vienna (I like fin de siecle, and ontology… but oh damn, it’s so dully written and the pictures suck)
4. The big book of logos (I felt rather dirty-commodified afterwards… wanted to wash my hands)
5. Real Dreams: Photo Stories (rather lovely towards the end, especially the studies into trump l’oeil)
6. Snow Globes (my favourite of the day!!! fascinating stuff)
7. Sculpture Out of Doors (photography was excellent, wish it had more detail on the artists, c/f Lucas might be interested in some of them as well…)


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