My favourite day!!!! I don’t know why, but all the books today I absolutely loved. (it helped that my idol and especial favourite was in the list lol) The photography book was a surprise – I picked it up cos it was green and thin, but the photographs! They aren’t even spectacular photographs, at least not Bresson or Avedon photographs that are perfectly exposed and composed. On the other hand, I felt strongly towards them in an inexplicable way. The photograph that stood out for me (and the quote that came along with it) was him standing at the edge of the sea ……. and it was almost a perfect represent of Caspar David Fiedrich’s painting. Was it deliberate? I don’t know…. that feeling, vozvrashcheniye.

There’s a lot I want say, but it’s too personal. REGARDLESS! enjoy looking at Renoir! I love Renoir, and I’m unapologetic about it. When I was in university, I was mocked?teased? for liking Renoir so much because he wasn’t very much a figure in art history.  My old art history professor – god bless his soul – never understood it. “Why” he would say, “WHY do people like Renoir so much? Duchamp liked him, so did Van Gogh and Matisse…. but his work is so superficial!” And I’m like: “That’s exactly why people love Renoir”. I love Renoir because he captures Impressionism at its most brilliant – looking at his paintings is like watching colours go champange, the lighting is soft and illuminating like the clearest summer sunshine; there’s music in the colours, fluid and dancing as they smile, flickering. Brushwork delicate and lively, bubbling through champange colours like the headiest gold. Beautiful! I want to join them, a flaneur, a dilenette, a flower. Why wouldn’t you love him, especially if you are as tormented as Van Gogh – when he presents such work of absolute happiness?

1. Anslem Kiefer (my idol!!) even better, this featured his lesser known works
2. Polyhedron origami
3. Very Small Living spaces (love all the attics, reminds me of enid blyton)
4. Photographys by a russian writer, Leonid Andreyev (surprise favourite<3)
5. Pierre-Auguste Renoir (blast from the not-so-past, gorgeous images+love)
6. Saville Row: An Illustrated History
7. The golden age of the railway poster (quite lovely, the colourblocking)


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