Nietzsche, our favourite God-killing bad boy

I think diagrams in paint-it really brings to life exactly what I love about philosophy in both the method of delivery and software. A lot of these diagrams are extreme simplifications of the notes I take for myself, but the crux of it is accurate.

Nietzsche's criticism of Transcendence

'God is Dead!'

'How May One Act' new form of ethics/valuation

Just so you know, I’m of the firm belief that Nietszche was not a nihilist when he proclaimed this. Nihilism is the by-product, because some people would despair over the lack of fundamental order in life or absolute morality. What he proposes is actually a form of freedom from cosmic ordering i.e. ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ and we are given that right to live our life as we please – to some, that freedom is terrifying. To others, it is just pure liberation.


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