Dear God this method of working has to be one of the most painful, painstaking and mindblowing. After my first experience, I’ve decided to add several additional rules to the algorithm:

1. No picking 2 books out of the same shelf/topic area
2. Books cannot be taken out of the library
3. the MAXIMUM time spent on all 7 books is 3hrs.

The first one isn’t a problem, I added that when I walked in – but I literally spent six hours inside 2w13th today and I neglected to do my readings for Deleuze. Also after 6 hours I had a class, and all I wanted to do was take a gun and shoot myself in the head. (have you tried reading philosophy after speed-reading 7 books in 6hrs? it feels like someone put a cherry bomb up there)

So today’s colour is RED. I decided I wasn’t going to do some half-assed red like maroon or brown, it had to be a pure blue-red or orange-red and it had to be identifiably red (so no cheating with coloured spines) It’s actually a lot harder than I expected, I think there will be more difficulty once I hit colours like indigo and violet but for now finding RED books was still relatively easy – at least in the product design section. I realised while walking about that product design, fashion design and industrial design tend to favour really bright red books. Just a thought.

Usually now I’ll do reviews, but I’m kinda tired so I’ll just post loads of pictures.


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