1. someone needs to make a remote control that connects to winamp so I can change track whilst typing on a 2nd laptop.
2. I realised today that all my soaps are fruit flavoured, so right now I feel rather like an artificial tropical fruit salad (grapefruit, mango, apricot?) I hope whoever I’m sitting next to tomorrow will appreciate it.

So I’ve been thinking about the domain-mapping and 7-preposition-7 project and my conclusion is this:


I don’t, actually, go through any process that I’m aware of. What I usually do is :
1. read alot, listen to music, go shopping etc etc —>
2. somehow my inner mammalian mind does the number crunching for it
3. I either get really stupidly drunk/high or I sleep 14hrs straight
4. number crunching whale continues to crunch
5. wake up to PROFIT!!!

it’s not just for art though, it’s like everything. I bumble through life with a giant black box of mammalian whale, and somehow it works. I write essays like that and even more frighteningly – I apply for jobs, go for interviews, choose boyfriends, pick universities etc etc without actually knowing how I got there. It’s just – there.


So Dave recommended I simplify my giant domain map, and here it is! I mean, this is pretty much *IT* as some would say. I like how art/junk share the same tiny intersection – that thin interface between yurameki and well, Things. Just FYI, I have no bias towards giant poopy. Art can be junk, junk can be art and in my head – there is nothing bad about junk. Junk is awesome (and also scarily close to art. but it’s not. it’s just really close. infinitesimally close).

Yurameki….. that’s a difficult thing to define. I suppose the closest would be: ‘the wind that makes your soul waver’. Actually I think T.S Eliot has a fairly good definition of it, although he applied it to poetry: ‘let music be the feeling, language be the body and poetry the soul’ (I’m paraphrasing slightly)  The word ‘yurameki’ (ゆらめき) is actually not a real word – it’s an onometopia-turned-noun: ‘yura’ being the sound of waves, or things bobbing on a wave and ‘meki’ being the ripple or sensation of the wave.

[irrelevant info] when I was 14 I decided that English was silly, and Sindarin only slightly better (it wins by liquid consonants) so I came up with a private language called I’tolsay Kau’w and this is one of the words from it. It’s actually a super-meta-hypertext-language, since it relies on a lot of context. It has its own grammar and even character set, although I rarely use it unless in private correspondence [/irrelevant info]

The main difference between ‘yurameki’ and what is conventionally known as ‘inspiration’ or ‘sublime’ (closest equivalents) is that yurameki would be an active. Sublime happens on to you, like lighting happens or storm happens. Inspiration is waited upon, or descended onto. Yurameki on the other hand, you have to chase it. Follow.

If you ask me however, what decides whether something has yurameki or not – I actually have no clue. There are tons of things I like or love that have absolutely no yurameki at all, and then some things that just explode with yurameki. Is something with yurameki nessescarily “better”? Not really. Sometimes it can be really distracting. Like music-with-yurameki, I never hear the music because I’m too busy following the yurameki wheras normal music I can enjoy the melody or lyrics without additional distractions.

To get back to the point (was there even one?) My 7-by-7 formula is:

So it works like this – 1st day I’ll pick 7 books and they all have to be red or related to red etc etc Actually I was tempted to make an algorithm based on Revolutions in the Bible since it’s full of 7s (7 gates into heaven, 7 plagues, 7 walls etc etc) but it was way too difficult to remember and tedious so I went the simpler route. I’ll catalouge the colours with photos and in this way I can keep the genre and everything open. Operation derive’en’ciel start!


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