blue light of the jaded sun

真夏の太陽, 想いを重ねた季節….風に流された, 君には2度と届かず

(I have no courage. 絶望!!!!! D: D: D: someone give me courage!!!)

Today went to work on the IS, behold our cake mix:


Smooth cast epoxy from

4 ratios

4 containers with differing amount of wood mix, and the control element with no additives cos we realised that all of them were rising after 15mins and wondered if it was a natural thing or because of the additives. Conclusion: the control epoxy had many tiny bubbles in it, but it didn’t boil over so I’m guessing it’s the additives and since it’s very powdery it increased surface area (many bubbles + many tiny particles) which resulted in this weird cake mix growth. Closeups:





Conclusion? This epoxy with additive gives you booger-looking plastic. 2nd conclusion? Go try another plastic, but the spongebob-look is kinda cool for reference.


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