[eyedeer] ofxAE

Was talking to ben today about coding, and he was showing me his unity+c# code he’s doing for thesis and explaining to me how to do class extends/inheritances on OF (omg timesaver!) and how the vector field worked (basically a base field and the top layer is referencing the bottom layer point grid by ++ magnitude) and I don’t know how we devolved into it but we started talking about coding and I was like ‘oh I don’t really know how to code [before parsons], but it’s kinda like what I used to write for After Effects because AE has this nifty thing called Expressions’

and he started laughing cos he was like: ‘lol that’s coding, because it has a library and you’re writing conditions that affect objects even if it doesn’t look like compilers/standard coding because code is a kind of thinking/mentality and not so much terminology’

And then I started thinking about it… and then yea, it totally makes sense and then I told Ben: ‘You know what AE/OF needs? A kind of export system so that you could export xcode/OF directly from After Effects because it would be 1000x useful’ And he was like: ‘lol that would be awesome, you could do that as a thesis project’

And the more I think about it, the more I wonder why I didn’t think of it before – a lot of AE plugins/program base is written in c++ so they have a lot of common points: for instance; ofMap is the same as Linear() in AE, and of_window_size is thisComp.height or thisComp.width and we have null objects with parent/child which is kinda like how you would write a class, make it public then extend/inherit it and earlier the clip I made using trapcode particular, is almost exactly like how I would code particles in OF; write a vector, put it on a path, add magnitude on the xyz axis; birth/death values, velocity. I mean, just check out how you would write an if/else expression using a slider on AE:

sliderVal = thisComp.layer(“Null 1”).effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”); v = Math.round(sliderVal*10)/10;
check = v % 1
if (check == 0){
“” + v + “.0”

AE reference library

…… mostly, think about how *useful* it would be to have an OFxAE library that is interchangable with BOTH(!) programs – people with little programming ability could export whole apps/programs/animations directly from AE (‘save as xcode.proj?’) while programmers on OF could have access to AE functions like obj., orbit camera rigs, follow-light (where point light follows a motion path) and simplified use to z-axis etc… like seriously, how awesome would that be???

I guess it would be really cool to do something like that, but it’s also not really a very ‘flashy’ thesis project. Sometimes I feel like to reach Ultimate Coolness Level [in parsons] you need a big flashy interactive project with tons of videos and arduino sensors and give world peace and solve poverty cos it’s like, a lot of people want that right???? I can’t imagine how people would be interested in a library/program that they can’t really see or feel for during thesis exhibition. It’ll be like LOOK THIS IS MY LIFE’S WORK and it’s just a code library full of uh… text. and random symbols. and it’ll be like wtf-so-what inducing D: (plus would people be even interested in that?? it’ll be all ‘lol gfto why u here and not compsci?’)

I don’t know….. I mean, it could be now I’m just excited cos I think it’s a cool idea, but thesis is still pretty far off but as someone once said: ‘isn’t it lovely to think about?’


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