[random] trapcode test

trapcode test

Video link: http://vimeo.com/32444017

Made using Trapcode and Magic Look in After Effects…. everyone thought I did it in cinema 4D! actually I’ve been working on creating 3d effects in AE for both major studio and simple interfaces….. I kinda wish I did a motion graphics class, because self-teaching is really hard. I love LOVE Trapcode Particular and Form, took me about 4hrs to render the entire thing out, but it’s worth it. It’s actually just made of like, 8000+++ particles, with different velocities and very tight xspacing so it forms glowing lines. Then I created a motion path linked to a camera light (the motion path can be created from illustrator, then IMPORTED over wtf how awesome is that) and then I had a camera just parent to the light and a null layer. The background is actually a base layer created using fractal noise, then a ramp overlay to give depth. Overall it took about 20+++ hours to create this, most of it went into pre-composing-rendering-exporting-repeat because the files were so huge that you could only work in chunks.

The potential for using particles is pretty fantastic though, I bet you could create a camera that takes 3d pictures based on a similar principle. Objects in foreground are always darker/saturated++; than background, so you could use HSB to find the relative points between extremes, create a ‘yardstick’ and use it to measure z-axis between objects…. then fill it up with particles (the greater the density, the closer to camera/more ‘solid’ object) or you could use equation rho*gh for particle filling, so you create individual sections of surface area is to pressure data (where each floating particle can be a point of resistance)

next sem I’ll probably do it for real and take the CG modelling/graphics classes – I kinda regret this semester because I made wrong choices and picked stuff that looked cool but wasn’t what I was really interested in, but hey live and learn right?


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