[minigame] the good shepherd

the good shepherd

First foray into the word of processing-to-android, my conclusion? Use Lua on Corona SDK instead. A lof of processing libraries are unsupported (actually, only 2 libraries work on the android-processing file) and the emulator is so SO slow. As in drop-dead slow. Also sometimes it jams, or lags, or doesn’t load your file on the emulator.

Simple game I made using boolean conditions. I first tested it using coloured ellipses (red for good guys, blue for evils) then after the conditions worked i.e. when you come within 20px of me, point++; when come within 20px of evils, gameover(); that kind of thing. I really should’ve made classes cos as Joe said – it’s a bit hackey and also not really good form………….

Download code here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7qsowi1iu3xfo7w/sheepgame.zip



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