[eyedeer] edible computing

was talking to Larry (2nd year) and one of the things we came up with was edible computing!

What it is:

tempered chocolate sheet


edible gold leaf

edible gold leaf

= edible PCBs! (it really works, tested it out with a voltmeter…. the gold/silver leaf is around 94-98% purity due to FDA standards, so it conducts very well)

We were thinking of building shields out of marzipan, and using fondant as solder as well. You could use sugarcraft/bijoux technique to create glass-like ‘shells’ to house lighting (edible lightbulbs??) and resistors out of agar. The only problem with edible computing is creating diodes, because that requires a semiconducter + random electron theory and you really can’t get away from silicates for that (actually most silicates are edible, but not delicious 😦 ) I think it’ll be kinda interesting to go from wearables to edibles…. how cool would it be to have your cake, light it up AND eat it?


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