classes: tv-bars

Decided to make a simple class example by making TV bars (the kind you get with bad signals):

scrolling tv bars

Download: here

1. rightclick save as
2. change .jpg to .zip extension

I think if I had more time, I would add a mimin library in it so I could have the audio ‘beep’ sound like a real tv fizzing out



physics mod 1+2+3

So it started with this which is a random arboretum:

type 1

Then I added hsb, and tried to modify to add new node to mouseX, mouseY:


The HSB worked fairly well but it occasionally had render errors and problems with smoothing,  but the add new node ran into a lot of difficulty because the library wasn’t really well documented. For instance, the example given had seperate .getnewparticle and .makenewparticle and the documentation was only for .makenewparticle. After reading through the library files,  .getnewparticle was an extension (but not a direct extended/inherited class) of .makenewparticle which included xyz where z was -1 at every +10~ nodes so that it would push back and you could see the whole.

After much editing here is a better version:


Improved version adds new node from the closest existing node to mouseX,mouseY and the HSB is now working properly with shininess/ambientlight (the addition of opengl as a 3rd parameter on size + using hint/enable 4x smooth opengl helps clean the lines and render properly)  Next, I’m going to try running it on processing to php (thanks joe!) so that it can create multiplayer ‘draw togethers’ so people can create shapes/patterns together. I’ll still try to push the particle/add node and see if I can get them to join properly instead of just making amebas (i.e. add spring/edge between vertices, connecting both)

Latest version of code:  DOWNLOAD

1. right-click save
2. change the .jpg extension to .zip
3. unzip, create folder, open in processing